Magic, Mermaids, and the Musical


If you were struck by last year’s elegant winter musical, She Loves Me, featuring a heartwarming Christmas romance set in a parfumerie in Hungary, then buckle up because this year’s musical is as different as it gets. First of all, Peter and the Starcatcher is arguably not even a musical. Music Theater International names it a play instead, mainly because it features a small number of shorter songs. What Peter lacks in quantity of songs, it definitely makes up for in quality. The music is witty and comedic. This charming play will reintroduce you to the world of Peter Pan and will guarantee that you leave the play with a delicate balance of nostalgia, a sense of youth, and a stomach that hurts from laughing so hard. 

But what is the play about? Peter and the Starcatcher is a coming of age story that focuses on Peter Pan’s journey to discovering friendship, a home, and most importantly, himself. But this production is definitely not only about Peter. Peter’s first friend Molly Aster develops alongside him, trying desperately to grow into her father’s shoes, keeping Peter in check, and teaching him that he is lovable. One also cannot forget Ted and Prentiss (Peter’s friends from the orphanage) who bond to form a peculiar friendship, or the fearsome Captain Stache and the loyal pirate Smee on the quest for a brilliant treasure! Something that’s quite special about this production, too, is the ensemble, who act to form the architecture of the scenery and bring the whole world of Peter and the Starcatcher to life. 

The cast has thoroughly enjoyed working on this play. First time actor Ian Layzer remarked, “Everyone in the cast and crew has been super supportive and welcoming. I’m really glad I decided to audition, and I’m excited for the show!” Raksha Ramanan commented, “I love that Peter and the Starcatcher is an ensemble musical. Every member of the cast is equally important and present, which has made rehearsing really fun!” 

A lot of work unseen on performance night went into this play, though. Ashleigh Streiff, Nechama Huba, and Scott Hallyburton all worked hard in collaboration with Drama teacher James Bohanek to record every detail and make sure the production runs smoothly. Michael Meyer, the talented music teacher, attended every rehearsal, ready with his keyboard and jokes in collaboration with freshman percussionist Griffin Edwards. Dance teacher Laci McDonald offered her time and talents helping the cast to fight like a pirate, prance like a snooty seaman, and fly like an enchanted cat. Additionally, the talented Jake Kavanagh and his assistants built an interactive and fantastic set. 

Some real gems from this play include “Talk to me, daddy!”, “Pretty cheeky, huh?” and “God Save Her!” Peter and the Starcatcher was an amazing experience of pirates, pineapples, mermaids, Queen Victoria, a beautiful ukulele performance, british accents, and a good time.