Dear Luci

Written by Luci Jones ‘19

Dear Luci,

OMG hey girl! Honestly, I’ll just get right into my problem because it is SO big and I have NO idea how to solve it. It ALL started Saturday morning when I woke up. Because when I got out of bed, I realized something inSANE. If today is Saturday, that means tomorrow is Sunday, which, by deductive reasoning, means that the day after tomorrow is MONDAY. And THEN I realized that I still hadn’t picked out an outfit to wear to school yet! I KNOW right. Because, like, I only have one day to choose, which really isn’t any time at all given that I have this A-MAZ-ING green T-shirt that would look SO good, but the weather is supposed to be kind of bad, so I don’t know if I want to risk getting cold and wet, but I also have this new shirt that’s kind of stripey, but not really stripey, with some polka dots here and there, that would also look SO good with these jeans I have. But I’m also like, wait, what if this shade of green isn’t really my color, you know? Like what if I go to school and the green on the dress looks different than the way it looks in my house because lighting really messes things up and now I’m not even sure that I really like the idea of the stripey top either because it might look too basic and then people are going to start thinking I don’t really have a sense of style even though I DO, but they won’t really get that because I was going for like a sophisticated-chic-but-still-approachable look and polka dots are already out of fashion so, like, what was I even thinking and now I’m basically questioning my judgment on EVERYTHING and don’t know what to do.


Distressed Dresser

Dear Distressed Dresser,

I would go with the green one.

Ur welcome,