Annie Witte

 Photo by Cait Ushpol

Photo by Cait Ushpol

Annie Witte is a lifer at DA, and, as a senior, she is sad that her time there is almost over. She is on the varsity volleyball team and is the president of the sand volleyball club in the spring as well. She enjoys partaking in the winter musical as well as various lunchtime singing groups.

In her little free time, Annie enjoys singing to her ukulele, reading fascinating books and poems, binging on Netflix shows (she watched the entirety of the show “Friends” in record time) and solving colorful puzzles.

Annie has little to no idea what she wants to study in college (or even where she wants to go), but she adores learning about literature and people and emotions and the various WHY’s of the world. Annie also loves to study language and other cultures, which she does through her Spanish class as well as her Colombian dance group, which performs at countless international festivals and other educational events.

Because of these interests, Annie is very glad to be part of the Green and White this year, and cannot wait to share her words with the world.