Sarah Kim

 Photo by Cait Ushpol

Photo by Cait Ushpol

Sarah Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea, and moved to San Antonio, Texas, at the age of seven. She then moved to North Carolina, where she lived for a year in Chapel Hill then moved to Durham to attend Durham Academy, where she is currently a junior.

She is very passionate about books, food and the arts, and if given the opportunity, she will happily talk to anyone about impressionism, “Doctor Who” or foreign music. When she is not reading books or rattling off about the above topics, she likes to draw, daydream or play the violin. Sarah’s definition of a perfect day would be reading by a window with the sound of rain and a cup of piping hot tea.

At school, she takes part in many activities, including speech and debate, cross country and track, and pit band for the winter musical. Her favorite subjects are history and Latin, as she truly loves the ancient world.

When she grows up, she would like nothing more than to travel the world, ideally while giving aid to those in need. In the present, however, she spends most of her time devoted to doing homework and feeding her caffeine addiction.