Keeping Up with the Cavs

By Fred Chang

By Fred Chang

As the new year of sports kicks off,  expect lots of activity in your Instagram feed. There has been a recent surge in student-run sports accounts at DA. Among these, the most notable are the men’s lacrosse team, with more than 400 followers, the men’s baseball and women’s lacrosse team, both amassing nearly 200 followers, and multiple other DA-affiliated sports accounts. However, the emergence of these student-run accounts representing DA comes with greater monitoring and responsibility. 

When asked about the emergence of these accounts, Andy Pogach, the assistant athletic director, said, “Student-run accounts have been around for years. The athletics and communication departments have recently started to be more aware of these accounts to make sure that they are representing our school and community in a positive way.” 

Though the athletics department has begun to monitor these accounts more regularly, they aren’t intending to discourage students from creating social media accounts.

“I think it’s great that our students want to promote their teams on social media. I think, if run well and responsibly, these are great avenues
to generate excitement around our teams and athletic program. We are definitely in favor of our students having these accounts.”