The Fall Play is Almost, Here


Bohanek expressed that the challenge for the cast lies in the lack of experience they might have with intense romantic relation- ships, but the cast seems to meet the challenge of the mature theme head on, providing the audience with the prospect of a fantastic performance. 

Julia Villani, sophomore actress playing Gale in the play, commented, “It’s a super different environment than what I’m used to.

Sometimes it’s tough because we’ll have to go over a part five or six times to try out different actions to see what works best, but it’s been really fun so far!”

"It’s completely different because it’s about love and relationships-- one of the hardest things to deal with in life.” 

Freshman Colby Preston, who plays Daniel, agreed, “The work is really hard, but it’s paying off so well, and working with my scene partner is so fun!”

Andrea Shafer, a freshman playing both Glory and Suzette, remarked that she was unsure whether or not to try out, but was pushed by Mr. Kavanagh. She concluded that she was “really glad [she] did. It’s a lot more mature.”

et us not forget the behind-the-scenes crew members, who work to assemble the set, aid with costumes, and assure a seamless performance.